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Mahseer fishing in thailand

Thai Mahseer Fly fishing in Thailand - Cheow lan, Khao Sok National Park

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Daniel B caught a blue masheer

Daniel B from Sweden caught a Blue Mahseer fly fishing - See Picture Gallery

Our guided fly fishing trips to the pristine jungle rivers in Khao Sok national park - legendary Thai fishing locations for big Thai Mahseer and Hampala Barb, regularly produce top nymph and dry fly action for Thai Mahseer. The rivers we fish are located in the heart of Khao Sok National Park, 180 km north-east of Phuket in southern Thailand. They are surrounded by mountains of over 1300 meters and dense rainforest with amazing wildlife, bird life, flora, waterfalls, wild elephants, otters, monkeys, buffalos, bears, and leopards.


Our guided fly fishing trips to the Chew Lan area Rivers are multi-day trips due to the remote location of the rivers, a minimum 3-4 day trip is recommended for the best fishing result. All fly fishing equipment plus wading boots are included in our packages, but if you prefer to use your own equipment you are welcome to do so, we use class 5-7 rods and reels with floating lines and fluorocarbon leaders.

In our packages we also include: transfer from Surathani (closest airport to Cheow Lan, 40 minutes car drive), Krabi, Phuket International Airport or from any Surathani, Krabi, Phuket or Khao Lak hotel, all meals during the trip, mineral drinking water, fruit of the season, accommodation at a jungle camp that consists of basic floating raft houses made from locally obtained sustainable materials that blend in with the environment. There is no TV or air-conditioning, and this fishing experience is targeted at adventurous anglers who are looking for the REAL jungle experience and are prepared to do without luxury home comforts for a few days! There are no mosquitoes and no Malaria in the area. We fish here all-year round, the rainy season (mid May to mid October) is the spawning time for the Mahseer and for the Barb and some of the biggest fish in the area moves upstream to spawn, this is prime time to catch fish over 5kg size,the Thai Mahseer in Cheow Lan lake grows up to 20 kg size. During the dry season a very healthy stock of fish up to 6 kg fish inhabits the pools we fish in and offers great action. The Thai Mahseer is not a fish suitable for human consumption as they sometimes eat toxic fruits and the area is a sport fishing area only, so the future of this fishing is secured.


We only fly fish in wild waters, no artificial lakes or stocked fishing parks and our trips are personalized for max 2 anglers at the time.

Not included in the packages: International or Domestic Airfare, Guide gratitude and alcoholic beverages (we can order in advance for you to self cost price if needed)

What to bring: Polaroid sunglasses, sun crème, fishing hat, light weight waterproof clothing. Socks for the wader boots, Fishing shirts and shorts (It's best to use green or camouflage colored clothing so you don't spook the fish when approaching them), towel, camera and a big smile. You can read more about the equipment and clothing that we advise you to bring for the trip on this page: Plan Your Trip


Guided Fishing Rates:

Package 3 days/2nights:

1 angler 40.800 THB
2 anglers 43.000 THB (Approximate 700 US$ per angler)

Package 4 days/3 nights:

1 angler 52.800 THB
2 anglers 55.000 THB (Approximate 900 US$ per angler)

Package 5 days/4 nights:

1 angler 64.800 THB
2 anglers 67.000 THB (Approximate 1100 US$ per angler)

Package 6 days/5 nights:

1 angler 76.800 THB
2 anglers 81.600 THB (Approximate 1300 US$ per angler)

Package 7 days/6 nights:

1 angler 88 .800 THB
2 anglers 96.000 THB (Approximate 1550 US$ per angler)



Mahseer Fly Fishing

Here on the protected mountain rivers all the elements converge for battles with the hard-fighting Mahseer of Thailand.


Why fly fishing in Thailand?

Wonderfully remote, yet accessible, fly fishing In Thailand offers a premier sport fishing experience found nowhere else in the world. The size and numbers of these fish is truly unique.

Latest Fishing Reports

Opening of a new fly fishing season: The aftermath of the rainy season has some rivers still running dirty. However, head-water streams are clearing and fishing is now starting for the year.


Mahseer fly fishing
in in Cheow Lan

Fly fishing in Thailand for Mahseer in clear jungle streams, wildest Mahseer action on film.