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Thai Mahseer and Golden Mahseer fly fishing

Thailand's first Fly-Fishing Only, Catch & Release rivers is an Asian Angling Adventures and Fly Fishing in Thailand co-project.  This is both a sport fishing conservation and an eco-tourism project. It is based on a business / community partnership between Fly Fishing in Thailand & Asian Angling Adventures and the Karen people in remote areas of Mae Hong Son Province, north-western Thailand.

Our staff has worked long time with Karen village headmen and National park officials in an effort to establish a sustainable tourism-based income. It"s been hard work to negotiate access contracts to establish this new Fly-Fishing Only, Catch & Release sustainable project, and we are very proud to be able to offer fly fisherman from around the world the finest Mahseer fly fishing available today with state of the art fly fishing equipment provided. The sheer numbers and size of the fish in these rivers has to be seen to be believed.


Our long term goal is to employ local people in a high-end, low volume eco-tourism enterprise in which everyone wins; the primary objective is community development, fisheries conservation, by helping the Karen people utilize their fisheries resources in a sustainable manner via catch & release. Fish stocks within the long-established protection zones can be managed to directly generate revenue for the villages, with minimal impact on the Villagers traditional way of life. Here, your fishing dollar can make a very big difference to the welfare of the communities in the valley! The majority of every dollar you spend goes directly to the local people for food, clothing and community projects. In addition, local Karen villagers are being trained as guides, chefs, boatmen and helpers, increasing the inflow of money to the broadest possible range of people. We believe this will be a real win-win project for the Karen people, Asian Angling Adventures & Fly Fishing in Thailand, the Mahseer stocks and for our fishing clients.


Fly fishing opportunities include large free-stone rivers with fish of up to 30kgs, river headwaters and small, boulder-strewn mountain streams with fish of 1 - 5kgs. These are all tributaries of the mighty Salween River. The Salween River begins its journey at 4,000 meters above sea level, high on the Tibetan Plateau in the Himalayas.  It runsthrough the mountains of Yunnan Province in China, passing through Shan and Karenni states in eastern Burma before forming the border between Burma and Thailand for about 120 kilometers. It continues south through Burma before reaching the Andaman Sea in the Gulf of Martaban at Mawlamyine.


The total length of the Salween is approximately 2,800 kilometers.  An international river, in Southeast Asia its length is second only to the Mekong River. It is also the longest river in Southeast Asia that has yet to be dammed. Premium fish available in the tributaries of the Salween River we fish are: Golden Mahseer, Thai Mahseer and Blue Mahseer up to 30+ kg size, and these fish behave exactly like huge brown trout, accepting dry flies, nymphs and streamers. Undeniably, the Mahseer is one of the fiercest fighting freshwater game fish in existence. Pound for pound it had unparalleled strength and endurance. The Mahseer are hard-hitting, incredibly-strong fighters that attain weight in excess of 100 lbs. They are, in short, South East Asia's hyped-up version of a 'tropical trout'


Other advantages with this destination are that our peak season is during the European and North American winter season; November to end of April, when fly fishing is normally not possible back home. Getting to Thailand is easy and often much cheaper than for example flying to New Zealand, Argentina or Chile.Thailand is also a very safe country to travel to and the standard of the infrastructure (roads, airports and hotels etc.) is very high. You can also travel here with your other family members as there are so many things to do, whatever interest they may have.


Thai Mahseer Fishing


Mahseer Fly Fishing

Here on the protected mountain rivers all the elements converge for battles with the hard-fighting Mahseer of Thailand.


Why fly fishing in Thailand?

Wonderfully remote, yet accessible, fly fishing In Thailand offers a premier sport fishing experience found nowhere else in the world. The size and numbers of these fish is truly unique.

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Opening of a new fly fishing season: The aftermath of the rainy season has some rivers still running dirty. However, head-water streams are clearing and fishing is now starting for the year.

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