Fly Fishing In Thailand  
Mahseer fishing in thailand

What You Need

Thailand's tropical (and high altitude mountain locations) conditions require fishermen to be properly equipped with the necessary accessories and clothing.

Recommended Clothing & Accessories;

Fishing hat – A broad-brimmed hat, and it must be a dull color – this is important as a fish see you head first as you are approaching the river! A wide brim is best to protect you from sunburn, reduce glare by keeping direct sunlight off your Polaroid glasses, also prevents hooks in your ears, head or neck!

Polaroid Sunglasses
– Bring a top-grade pair! Best colors are yellow or amber; these improve contrast on dull days. Dark green ones make it difficult on rainy days to see the fish.

– A light-weight fishing shirt, fast-drying micro-fiber or light cotton, is best. Dull colors are important! Long sleeves are best against sunburns, and also the fish will not see your light colored arms.

T-SHIRTS or SINGLETS – Light cotton or micro-fleece

PANTS: Either hi-tech polyester outdoor track-pants/trousers, or shorts over polypropylene long-johns. We prefer to wade wet because water temperatures are mild and waders are hot and uncomfortable on long hikes. Choose pants that dry quickly.

Wading Boots – Sturdy wading boots, because the terrain is rugged, and we often cover quite long distances. Wading boots with felt or felt + studs are ideal. We support quality boots to our clients from size 9-13, but if you prefer to bring your own pair you are welcome to do so.

JACKET – A lightweight 100% waterproof jacket - dull colors that you can slip in your backpack in case of unexpected wind/rain. Mountain weather can change rapidly.

Pullover- a fleece lined hooded Pullover is nice to have available in the evening. The temperature can drop fast in December and January high up in the mountains.

SUN-BLOCK SPF30+ - Bring SPF30+ sun-block, water-resistant. The sun here during midday can be very strong.

INSECT REPELLENT – There are very few troublesome insects here. However, at dusk and dawn there are sometimes mosquitoes. A repellent with about 25%+ Deet content is recommended.


fishing hatPolaroid Sunglasses SHIRTS
Wading Boots JACKETPullover


Mahseer Fly Fishing

Here on the protected mountain rivers all the elements converge for battles with the hard-fighting Mahseer of Thailand.


Why fly fishing in Thailand?

Wonderfully remote, yet accessible, fly fishing In Thailand offers a premier sport fishing experience found nowhere else in the world. The size and numbers of these fish is truly unique.

Latest Fishing Reports

Opening of a new fly fishing season: The aftermath of the rainy season has some rivers still running dirty. However, head-water streams are clearing and fishing is now starting for the year.

Greenfield Fishing Resorts

Fly fishing for Arapaima, huge Pacu, Peacock Bass and Giant Snakehead at Greenfield Fishing Resorts, Hua Hin new fly fishing lake.